The World According To Autism Spectrum Disorder - Michelle Wilson & Leonie McDonald

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A new, multifunctional and flexible resource mapping the diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder for the individual, their family and/or carers and so promotes an understanding of the key features of the disorder. 



This resource aims to highlight the individual's positive attributes to help improve self-esteem and encourage those working and living with the individual to see them rather than their diagnosis. This is all delivered in a structured and visually supported approach that is consistent with the preferred learning style of the individuals suffering with the disorder. The pack includes two sets of colour-coded cue cards targeting the individual or families/professionals, worksheets to use with the cue cards which can be copied to be shared with family and friends to improve their understanding of the disorder and scope to track the trajectory of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder across the lifespan. 


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