7" Dining Plate

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The Find Dining range of crockery is designed for all care settings where cognition, vision and dexterity are issues.



4 years of development and consultation went into turning an idea into the product that is now so widely used in care settings of all types. First impressions are that Find Dining is an attractively coloured, high quality range of traditionally manufactured crockery with the addition of some elegant and unique features.

On handling the pieces, you may realise that something else is different. Although it looks and feels like ceramic, it is a little lighter  – this is a significant benefit to many of our customers. Uniquely Find Dining Range is manufactured from a high quality melamine – nothing like the product we know and love from childhood picnics  – we chose this material as it has some exceptional and valuable properties that make it perfect for care settings.

Key Features

  • Improved manipulation and enhanced presentation of food
  • Reduction of waste and improved nutritional intake;
  • Contents stay warmer, longer
  • Reduced transfer of heat through mugs
  • Cost saving through high durability
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Perfect weight
  • Proportions aid portion control
  • Intelligent design supports good nutrition and maintains dignity
  • Broad rim for a better grip
  • Broad base for greater stability
  • Lipped rim reduces spillages
  • Hard-wearing integral colour


  • Improved ability to see food on the plate
  • Easier manipulation of food
  • Increased nutritional intake
  • Dining rooms are quieter
  • More food eaten = less waste
  • Improved health
  • Meal times can be more sociable and dignified
  • An altogether better eating experience


“Mrs P for the first time in several weeks ate everything on her plate!”

Crockery Testimonial from a carer 

“The dementia friendly crockery has definitely increased our residents dining experience. The crockery is a talking point amongst residents, family and friends. They look forward to meal times and sit and discuss how nice the dining tables look with the new crockery. The dining tables also now have new table clothes, flowers, napkins and dementia friendly crockery and the residents really look forward to meal times.”

Nurse Laura, Chester’s Unit, Grove House Care Home

As a nurse specialist for Gold Standards Framework I called onto the Medical Assessment Unit to see a patient, this lady was asking for a cup of tea, the Support Worker had advised the tea lady to give it in a feeder cup. I gave the lady the feeder cup but she was clearly struggling. She did not seem to be able to comprehend the concept of a feeder cup. She stated it was a ’funny cup’. I am also a dementia training facilitator and from my experience, I thought she might be better with a blue cup. I got her a Find blue cup and found that the lady not only managed to drink her tea but also independently and enjoyed it. I feel that if the cup had not been changed she would not have drunk her mid morning cup of tea.

The cups are brilliant, the fact that they look like 'normal cups' when the feeder lid is on has been commented on and relatives from the other units were shown them at a meeting recently and they would like them on the nursing unit. One gentleman at the meeting volunteered to drink out of one and said he would be happy to use it every day. He liked the dip at the top of the handle, he felt it lent stability to his grip.

Manager, Croft House Care Home, Ossett


  • High quality glazed melamine
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Dining Plate – 250mm
  • Side Plate – 180mm
  • Dessert/Cereal Bowl – 210mm


  • Dining Plate – 436g
  • Side Plate – 184g
  • Dessert/Cereal Bowl – 330g

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