Dementia Clocks

For a person living with dementia, understanding the time and date can be more important than ever and paradoxically, more challenging too. Our selection of attractive and stylish dementia clocks are designed to make it easier to keep track of the time, date and whether it’s day time or night time

Designed in consultation with clients and people with dementia, we have a dementia clock suitable for any setting, whether at home or in assisted living or hospital environment. With clear and easy-to-read displays, it’s easier to tell the time and differentiate between night and day and days of the week, where many other clock designs may be hard to read and contribute to confusion.

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  • Day & Night Clock

    Day & Night Clock

    Our Day/Night analogue clocks can be very beneficial for anyone with cognitive disabilities, particularly when they are living with Dementia.

  • Calendar Clock

    Calendar Clock

    Our unique Calendar Clock has been designed for use in a Dementia care environment.

  • Digital Dementia Day Clock

    Digital Dementia Day Clock

    Help those living with dementia to link the time of day to their daily routine. The Dementia Day Clock is aimed at helping people living with dementia by simply and clearly displaying the time of day as morning, afternoon, evening or night.

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3 Item(s)

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