Premium Stability Toilet Seat

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Our premium seat is available in red or blue this seat is designed for high-use facilities and features a one-piece stainless steel bar hinge. 



Toilet seats are another of those ‘invisible’ products that we never have a reason to think about. They exist, they do their job and we probably won’t consider a replacement unless it’s broken.

Add Dementia into the equation and the toilet seat takes on a completely new importance. From the perspective of psychological well-being, maintaining someone’s independence in finding and the using the toilet when it’s needed is without question, one of our top priorities.To appreciate how important it is, we need to think about the consequences of frequently not being able to locate the toilet, or having problems in using it properly. Think about the indignity, embarrassment, frustration and the mess.

Small changes can (at the very least) delay the onset of these consequences , and one easy change to make is changing the toilet seat for one which is more appropriate. We have proved the effectiveness of a coloured seat to such a degree that many institutions, health and local authorities have made it policy to only use coloured seats in their facilities.

Contrary to some opinions, in practice we have found red to be the most effective colour to use and blue the second most effective so all of our toilet seats are available in both of these colours.

Our premium seat has locators that prevent the seat from twisting and straining the hinges. It also features a more ergonomic shape and is the favourite choice for hospitals and high traffic environments.

  • The seat is more visible and easier to locate
  • Promotes confidence in sitting down
  • Prevents falls


  • Thermo-set plastic
  • Chromed brass hinges
  • Anti-lateral bumpers
  • Available in blue and red
  • L: 375mm
  • W (Front): 370mm
  • W (Back): 150-160mm
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