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A 100% safe, dignified alternative to glass, Find Dining Unbreakable ‘Glassware’ is designed to complement the Find Dining range of crockery.



The material used to manufacture our Glassware (and the Find Dining cups too) is a virtually indestructible, clear plastic. It will never shatter and can only be deformed in extreme circumstances – this is ideal where the risk of breakage and injury is high.

We introduced this selection of products because there isn’t a safe, dignified alternative to glass yet people still want the option to use a ‘proper’ glass for their drinks. The Carafe and Tumbler combination is a practical way to keep drinks on hand and help maintain healthy levels of hydration. The clarity of the vessel ensures the user can see the contents and the unbreakable material ensures that in the event of a mishap the ‘glass’ will not break.

The wine glass is another attractive option that doesn’t carry the dangers of using glass. Find Dining Cups and Caps are also made from the same unbreakable microwave-safe material and are available in three colours – ivory, yellow and blue. The optional cap provides additional help for those who need it. It can also minimise spills if the cup is knocked over.


  • Contributes to maintaining healthy levels of hydration
  • Eliminates all  risks associated with breakage
  • Retains dignity and the pleasure of using ‘proper’ drinking vessels.
  • Low heat conductivity keeps drinks warm for longer
  • Dignified cup and cap design


A lady with Dementia would not drink her water and would only drink her tea or coffee, which was being given to her in a blue cup. One day whilst talking to another patient I saw her at the sink washing the blue cup out. I was surprised because this lady did not usually initiate tasks. When I returned from taking a patient to the bathroom I saw the lady filling up the blue cup with water from her jug and then began to drink it. I informed the nurse in charge and we made a plan to leave her with a blue cup for her water as well as her hot drinks. Since then she was drinking really well and independently.

Health Care Support Worker on Elderly Care Ward. 



  • Unbreakable
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • High clarity glassware
  • Low heat conductivity


  • Carafe: 120g
  • Glass: 63g
  • Wine Glass: 93g
  • Cup: 75g
  • Lid: 34g
  • Cup and lid combo’: 109g

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