LED sensor Underlight - Rechargeable

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Using up-to-the-minute LED technology this neat device provides instant comfort and safety benefits when and where needed. 



Every day situation such as getting out of bed or going to the bathroom in the night can become daunting when everything is dark and someone is terrified they may stumble and fall. One alternative is to sleep with a light on but most of us don’t want to do that. Or you can use a light by the bed...providing you remember it’s there and you can find the switch! These are the scenarios that never enter our minds until dementia becomes a factor and a night-time routine develops into a situation of real risk.

Fitting the Underlight under a bed or cabinet can reduce or avoid this risk as the powerful LED’s flood the night-time floor with clear, white light.

And there’s no need to install the light in a prominent or visible location – the Underlight uses a tiny, integral, infra-red motion detector that can ‘see’ in the dark, so as soon as there is any movement within 2 metres, the light will instantly come on at full power.

The Underlight needs no electrical connection and comes supplied with a compact, high-quality Lithium battery pack. With just six, high intensity, daylight-white LED’s the compact Underlight can easily be installed almost anywhere.

The combination of LED energy efficiency and the high quality Lithium battery pack means the Underlight could run for an entire year on only two charges. And charging is easy too as the battery comes with its own detachable mounting plate so it can be simply removed and plugged into a standard USB cable for recharging. 


  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Reduces trip risk
  • Improves confidence
  • Helps to avoid bedtime ‘accidents’


  • 6 x LED
  • Daylight white
  • 1 x passive infra-red sensor
  • Can be switched off when not required
  • Charged via standard mini USB socket
  • Typical battery life – 6 months depending on frequency of use
  • Mounting bracket allows for 180 degrees of adjustment
  • Battery mounting plate enables simple removal and replacement when charging
  • Not suitable for wet area’s


  • Light unit: 200x18x20mm
  • Battery: 65x75x25mm




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