At Memory Care Store, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with shopping on-line.
So we've created a shop where you can browse our range of innovative products,
most of which we manufacture in our own factory in Yorkshire.

When you want to buy a product, there’s 3 easy options:
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How can I tell if I have Dementia?

We explore the signs of a person with Dementia

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Who gets Dementia?

Finding out exactly who gets Dementia

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What is Dementia?

The explanation of what exactly Dementia is.

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What is Alzheimers?

The explanation of what exactly Alzheimers is.

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What causes Dementia?

The most common causes of Dementia

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How is Dementia treated?

Things which can help to treat Dementia

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Can Dementia be prevented?

Answering the most asked question.

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