Julie Warmheart

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Research has shown doll therapy can assist those living with Dementia or Alzheimer's during periods of distress and agitation.



These empathy dolls can provide distraction, be a tool for social interaction and also make it possible for those completely dependent on others to 'care for someone else'. Our dolls are an innovative range of heatable rag dolls perfectly designed towards doll therapy. Offering an engaging environment, encouraging people to interact with it which will encourage healthy emotional responses aswell as the ability to soothe the individual, allowing comfort and provide the individual with someone to care for and also give a soothing aroma of Lavender. The need for attachment is essential in human development, having dementia increases the need for security and comfort.Her soft body is manufactured using felt appliqué and printed cottons for added comfort.

Each doll has their own unique appearance.

Choose from a range of six dolls.


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