Yellow and Blue Crockery Can Help People with Dementia Improve Their Health

William Tearle worked as an accountant to provide a lovely home for his wife Lisa and daughter Millie. As William aged, he began to lose his appetite, eating less and less each day. Though he never complained, the changes in William’s eating habits concerned his wife Lisa and she insisted he go see a doctor.

William was soon after diagnosed with Dementia and his eating habits worsened, as he lost almost all interest in eating. William’s loss of appetite resulted in substantial weight loss. His nutrition and hydration levels were so low that he became anaemic. Other health problems followed, including depression, while Lisa continued to try everything she could think of to help William eat more.

One day, while Lisa was researching ways to help people with dementia eat more online, she discovered the Find Dining Crockery Range. Lisa read the promising testimonials of customer experiences with the dementia friendly crockery range. The brightly coloured yellow and blue crockery claimed to be nearly indestructible while also helping users maintain healthy levels of nutrition.  Feeling hopeful, Lisa ordered some blue and yellow cups, bowls and plates.

After a few weeks of home use Lisa couldn’t believe her eyes. She stated, “For the first time in months William is eating everything on his plate. I am shocked, amazed and so happy!” Lisa continues, “His interest in eating has returned! He looks forward to meal time again and he’s even commented on how much he likes the look of the new crockery!”

The Find Dinging crockery range is extremely effective because it has been expertly designed to target cognition, vision and dexterity problems. Years of extensive research have gone into perfecting the range, ensuring the colour, shape, size and materials are just right.

The yellow and blue coloured crockery allows the food or drink to become the main focus of the user, which increases food consumption and improves nutrition and hydration levels. All the products also come in an ivory colour.

The Find Dinging crockery range helps to restore dignity because the products resemble ceramic almost identically. This allows users to feel as though they are using normal crockery, which also limits additional confusion that can cause frustration.

The crockery in the Find Dining range is made of a high quality material called melamine which is extremely durable. This ensures that the products will never break or shatter in the event of an accident.  Users’ are safe to enjoy their meals without risk of injury and newfound confidence emerges as they are able to independently complete the daily activity of eating.

Lisa and William are just one of the hundreds of people who have benefited from the crockery in the Find Dining range. Try some today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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