The Memory Care Store Christmas Guide

Tis the season! Choosing a Christmas gift for a loved one who has Dementia can be difficult. But don't worry, we are here to help!

We've handpicked some of our best selling products to offer you incredible Dementia gift ideas! From our Dementia Clock, to our Crockery Range, to Orientation Aids and Therapy Dolls. You're sure to find the perfect Dementia gift!

A few things to consider before embarking on your Dementia Christmas present quest may be – What stage of Dementia is the person at and what are they physically capable of doing? What are some of the person’s interests or what do they enjoy doing?

A great gift for someone with Dementia is something that will be both helpful and fun for them. It’s also great when the gift encourages their independence, as it will help to restore their dignity and confidence. Below you’ll find spectacular dementia gift ideas in various categories. So, however or whatever gift route you choose take, you can rest assured it will benefit your loved one with Dementia!

Dementia Activities

Gift Idea #1 - Fiddle Muff


Fiddle Muffs are an attractive, multi-sensory comforter with many benefits. The soft, warm fabric is irresistibly tactile and made all the more interesting with beautiful colours and additional features that keep fingers exercised and relieve tension and restlessness. Available as either Friendly Lion or Button & Beads.

Gift Idea #2 - Therapy Doll


The popularity and acceptance of empathy doll therapy has grown tremendously within recent years, as the practice and benefits have become more clearly understood. We have designed a therapy doll which remains within the guidelines and suggestions of current research. The weight, balance, size and features are expertly designed to encourage users to engage with the doll. Benefits include: Reduced anxiety and agitation, improved social interaction and communication and a focal point of emotional attachment.

Gift Idea #3 - "Throw and Tell" Activity Ball


Our “Throw and Tell” Activity Ball is a simple way to break the ice in any one-to-one or group situation. It is full of questions about likes/dislikes as well as every day experiences that everyone will have an answer for.

Dementia Friendly Bathroom

Gift Idea #4 - Premium Stability Toilet Seat


We take finding the toilet for granted yet we’ve all experienced the stress and anxiety of needing a toilet and not being able to locate one. When Dementia is involved, the frustrations are multiplied many times over resulting in anxiety, challenging behaviour and possibly the loss of dignity.

Our solutions are all about using highly visible, high contrast colour to establish a clear route to the toilet and once there, to use the same principles to ‘decipher’ that environment by making the important things, grab rails and the toilet itself, easier to see. This boosts confidence and independence as well as helping to maintain or restore dignity.

Our Premium Stability Toilet Seat is available in red or blue. It is designed for high-use environments and features a one-piece stainless steel bar hinge.

Communication and Orientation Aids

Gift Idea #5 - Key Fob


Memory Care Store’s key fobs are expertly designed to include the use of symbols, colours and words. This durable product is easy to read and assists users in choosing the right key every time. This reduces the user’s level of stress, anxiety and confusion which allows them to live happier lives. The user’s ability to choose the right key also promotes self-confidence and safety.

Gift Idea #6 - Reusable Self Adhesive Signs & Label Collection


Even when someone has lived in the familiar surroundings of their own home for many years, they will find it ever more difficult to remember where things are. A process we have successfully carried out many thousands of times – like making a cup of tea – progressively becomes more complex. Where are the spoons, the sugar, milk, cup, saucer etc? The harder it becomes, the more frustrating it is for the individual and the less independent and confident they become.

This product is a simple, effective way to help ease a problem and maintain dignity. If family or friends are visiting, the last thing they may want is to highlight their personal difficulties, so the signs and labels can be removed and replacement when needed. They can be applied to virtually any surface and removed at a later time without leaving any damage or residue. They are also supplied in a ring binder where they can be stored safely until they need to be used again - perfect if someone is going on holiday for example.

Dementia Clock

Gift Idea #7 - Digital Dementia Day Clock


As featured on BBC, our Digital Dementia Day Clock can significantly help people with Dementia maintain their daily routine and reduce anxiety about the time of day and them missing key events.

Dementia Crockery

Gift Idea #8 - Unbreakable Cup & Lid Combined


The Unbreakable Cup & Lid look and feel like real ceramic which allows the user to feel dignified when using it. The easy use of the cup promotes independence and confidence which encourages the user to drink more, increasing their hydration levels.

Gift Idea #9 - Unbreakable Dish


Our attractively coloured, high quality Unbreakable Dish is part Find’s Unbreakable Crockery Range. All the pieces in the crockery range enhance the presentation of food, which reduces the amount of food wasted and improves nutritional intake. The unbreakable material also ensures that the user won’t injure themselves in the event of an accident or mishap.

Storage Solutions

Gift Idea #10 - Set Of 4 Chest Trunks


Our multifunctional, vintage trunks allow more storage space in care settings as well as having an asthetically pleasing design for older individuals living with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

For more information on these phenomenal products and many more head to: now! Warmest holiday wishes :)

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